“The Compassionate Friends
is about transforming the pain of grief into the elixir of hope.
It takes people out of the isolation society imposes on the bereaved
and lets them express their grief naturally.
With the shedding of tears, healing comes.
And the newly bereaved get to see people who have survived
and are learning to live and love again.”

~Simon Stephens, founder of The Compassionate Friends



The Mission of The Compassionate Friends
When a child dies, at any age, the family suffers intense pain and may feel hopeless and isolated. The Compassionate Friends provides highly personal comfort, hope, and support to every family experiencing the death of a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and helps others better assist the grieving family.

The Compassionate Friends is a peer-to-peer support group offering friendship and understanding to families who have experienced the death of a child of any age from pre-birth to full maturity.

The Primary Purpose is to assist parents, grandparents and siblings in the positive resolution of the grief experienced upon the death and to support their efforts to achieve physical and emotional health.

The Secondary Purpose is to provide information and education about bereaved families. The objective is to help those in the community to be supportive, including family, friends, employers, coworkers and professionals.♥