Candlelighting Sparks Memories and Love

Our Newly formed Compassionate Friends Chapter will hold our first candle lighting in Remembrance of our Children, Grandchildren and Siblings at the December 16 meeting.

This Month our room will be moved within the hotel.  Please check with the front desk and look for directional signs.

 Those planning to attend are encouraged to let us know by email or voice mail, if possible. 

 Social gathering and new member welcome begins at 6:30.  Music will be gently playing.  Beverages and snacks will be available.

 The ASK IT BASKET with pen and note cards, will be in place for anyone to jot down any issues or topics that they would like to (anonymously if desired)  bring to the group that evening or for any time in the future.  Anyone with a topic, issue or need to share is always welcomed to share with the group during our “Sharing Session”.

 The December 16th  meeting will host both a

Sharing Session and Candle Lighting

 At 7:00, we will begin with the lighting of 5 Candles of Significance, accompanied by a very short reading. 

The Candles represent our

Grief ~ Courage ~ Memories ~ Love ~ Hope


During our Sharing Session which follows, everyone will be invited to introduce themselves and, if desired, share one special ~ happy ~ enjoyable memory of their child, grandchild or sibling.  No one has to speak, but all are welcomed to.


About 8:00, we will begin our lighting of individual candles, accompanied by recorded music featuring Alan Pedersen’s song TONIGHT I HOLD THIS CANDLE.  As each individual candle is lit, the name of their loved one and a few words about them may be shared  aloud. 

After Alan’s music ends there will be brief closing words, and candles will become dark, while their flame and brightness burn in our memories.

8:30-9:00 becomes a time to share informally in small groups or with individuals as we experience each other’s company and share beverages and snacks, before departing.

Some things to know:

If you would like to host a Memory Table, please send an email and let us know.

For our Memory Circle everyone is invited to bring a photo and or small memento for the evening.

Taking care of yourself is important and moving about the room at any time ~ getting up to get something to eat or drink , to head to the restroom, or for a little break from sitting or being in a group is perfectly OK.

If you can’t get there for the start of a meeting or need to leave early, you are still welcomed to attend.  Just be respectful upon arriving or exiting.

 After we pack up at 9:00, some of us head over to Vernon Diner which is about 5 miles away on Route 30, 453 Hartford Turnpike Vernon Rockville.  It is a relaxed time of just being with each other and the focus is more on fellowship than grief.  Everyone is welcomed to join us.

 Thank you for sharing the evening with us!

If you ever have an idea for a presenter or topic,

please let us know by

a card in the ASK IT BASKET, or by email, Facebook or voice mail.

We are here to HELP