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Walk-ins will be Welcomed
Lunch will still be included for walkins
Though Welcome Gifts and the Slideshow Photos will not be available

Funds to Contribute or Not, You Are Welcome!

space limited to the first 30 registrants

Don’t be Left Out!


if you wish to make a donation
or financial contribution,

know that it will go directly to assist this Chapter 

There Is No Magic Wand .
We Know That We Cannot “Heal” You 
Or “Fix” Your Reality. 
We do want to help provide the resources 
for you to find your most healing path, possible. 

Please Register each person in your group separately. 
Once you have registered you will be taken to a PayPal link for a possible donation option.
Direct any questions, comments or concerns to Bettie-Jeanne at
or send a Private Message through Facebook
to Bettie-Jeanne Rivard-Darby. 
Thank You !

(Please add your name as you prefer to be called. Register each participant separately)
Please share your "other" capacity in space below
example: RobynApril, my daughter + Janet, my sister + Punkins, my Brother + Joey, my Brother
Just let us know how you found out
We do not wish to turn anyone away who wishes to attend, but is prevented to, only because of financial reasons. EVERYONE who needs to be here, should be here. Money should never be the reason why people aren't able to access support.
GGo To Alan's Blog to learn more about Alan and the Angels Across the USA Tour 2019
I don't understand what this is about "A Butterfly” . I will check for DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE BUTTERFLIES at and /or at If I have any questions I will send a note to SUBJECT: BUTTERFLY?

In consideration of being accepted as a participant in the Workshop Day With Alan Pedersen, 1. I hereby grant the permission for use of my name and/or picture in any broadcast, photograph, video, or other account of The Compassionate Friends, Inc., Angels Across the USA 2. That I assume all responsibility for any and all damages to, or theft of, my personal property and /or any bodily injury, including and not limited to any physical conditions or aliments relating from food allergies or food consumption that may occur to me. 3. I assume responsibility for property damage and bodily injury that I may cause to others, in each case arising or resulting from, incidental to, or as a consequence of, my participation in the TCF Special Angels Across the USA Event.

By entering your name and the date above you are electronically signing this waiver. If under 18, please have a parent or guardian sign. EACH INDIVIDUAL MUST BE LISTED AS A SIGNATURE SIGN SEPARATELY