Sponsor a Butterfly on the Angels Across The USA Tour 2019

Sponsor A Butterfly Decal On The Angel Van

Our “Angels”, Our Loved Ones, Travel throughout the USA on THE ANGEL VAN.  It is “kinda’ like your loved one heading off on an exploration of the US” and you getting to watch them travel.  A $100.00 sponsorship purchases a butterfly decal to ride upon the Angel Van, through 48 states all across the USA.  Your loved one’s name is placed upon it and, at the workshop you can pick the spot where you want it to ride. We will even have decals and jewel embellishments handy, so that you can ‘decorate’ Your Angel.

The Angels Across the USA Tour 2019 is all about hope, featuring the message and music of Alan Pedersen. The Tour is supported by hundreds of families and organizations who sponsor butterfly decals bearing the names and hometowns of their loved ones who have died. These decals are lovingly placed on the Angels Across the USA van which travels across the country.

The Tour works with organizations large and small who are reaching out to those in grief and offers to present a program for them regardless of their financial ability to pay. The Angels Tour will travel to more than 100 cities in 2019

There are a few ways to pay, let THE ANGELS and ALAN know which payment method works best for you
1. You can select a butterfly and pick your spot on the Angel Van the day of the Workshop – May 11
2. Order before the event and receive an invoice through PayPal
3. Order now directly at the Angels Across the USA Website
3. You can call Angels or email your credit card information (720-218-6238)
4. You can mail a check (or bring it the day of the workshop):
Angels Across the USA
PO Box 151
Roseville, CA 95661

You can follow the tour, see photos, videos and find links and upcoming events posted on ALAN’S Facebook page and website
Email: angelstourusa@gmail.com Telephone: 720-218-6238
Please follow The Angels on Facebook at Facebook.com/AngelsUSATour

You can select a Butterfly at the May 11, 2019 workshop with Alan.

You can pre-print your order form, selecting your butterfly using the pdf available at the link below.  Then pick your spot on the van the day of the Workshop.♥

Just open the link, save the file, fill in the information, save it again WITH A NEW NAME.

Sponsor A Butterfly 2019 pdf
If you Want, email the saved filled form to
TCFEastOfTheRiverCT@gmail.com   Subject:  Butterfly Order
You’ll be first in line to get your butterfly on May 11