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Alan Pedersen is an award-winning speaker, songwriter and recording artist. His inspirational message of hope and his music have resonated deeply with those facing a loss or adversity in their lives and have made him one of the most popular and in- demand presenters in the world on finding hope after loss.  Since the death of his 18-year-old daughter Ashley in 2001, Alan has traveled to more than 1,300 cities speaking and playing his original music.  Alan also successfully served four years as the Executive Director of The Compassionate Friends, the largest grief organization in the world.

Using his original music, anecdotes and stories drawn from his own experiences and the shared journeys of the bereaved, Alan travels the nation, as both the founder of ANGELS ACROSS THE USA mission and keynote speaker, workshop presenter at many prestigious conferences including: The World Gathering on Bereavement, The Compassionate Friends National Conference and The National Gathering of Bereaved Parents of the USA.

Though, under “normal circumstances” most would not consider being related with the Words “Bereaved” or “Grief” as a positive, yet for those who have spent time with Alan Pedersen, it is powerful blessing.  In the Bereavement Community, Alan Pedersen has become synonymous with HEALING.
Alan is currently on the road with The Angels Across the USA Tour where he will speak and perform in over 100 U.S. cities in 2018.


The Angels Across the USA Tour

The Angels Across the USA Tour 2018, is all about hope, featuring the message and music of Alan Pedersen. The Tour is supported by hundreds of families and organizations who sponsor butterfly decals bearing the names and home towns of their loved ones who have died. These decals are lovingly placed on the Angels Across the USA van which travels across the country.

The Tour works with organizations large and small who are reaching out to those in grief and offers to present a program for them regardless of their financial ability to pay. The Angels Tour will travel to more than 100 cities in 2018.




Who Alan Pedersen Is To Me ~  by Bettie-Jeanne, Forever Robbie’s mom

Singer Offers Hope to the Heartbroken ~ Who IS Alan Pedersen?

Learn A Little About Alan Pedersen

 Alan Pedersen ~ Worth The Drive!

Alan on WNWO TV speaking about grief and The Angels Across The USA grief mission


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  “Alan’s music and message are a light in the darkness to those going through grief and loss.  His message is one of hope, his humor puts you at ease, his music is powerful and helps us remember those we have loved who have died”. 
Dr. Gloria Horsley Ph.D., President of Open to Hope Foundation, and Host of Healing the Grieving Heart Radio Program 


“An evening with Alan Pedersen is an experience like none other.  He will make you laugh, he may make you cry, he will surely give you some things to think about, but most of all you will be gently guided to that most sacred and healing place of sweet remembrance.”
Darcie Sims, Ph.D., CHT, CT, GMS

“It wasn’t even just his music, though the music is beyond great.  It was the words in between the songs.  I guess I knew that they were grief counselors, but I didn’t realize how much one evening could help me so much, just listening to Alan and everything he shared.”
 Bereaved Dad Jack Wilby

 “Alan sang to my soul.  It is like he looked inside of me and told me that as much as it hurts and it is going to hurt, that somehow, someday, in a different way, it will be OK.  I know that for me, what Alan shared from his own grief experience after the loss of his own beloved daughter Ashley, and his music, opened a door for me that I needed to go through in order to keep my sanity and (and I am not sure how to explain this…) return to loving Robyn in a gentler, warmer way.”
 Bettie-Jeanne, Robyn’s mom and founder of TCF East Of The River CT Chapter

“When asked how long will you grieve, Alan’s response was perfect:  As long as she is dead.”  ‘I am her dad, for not as long as she lived, but as long as I do.’   Alan not only gives the bereaved permission to grieve, and even encourages the necessity of grief, but provides a safe place to smile and laugh, and remember with gentleness.”
Janet Flanagin, Bereaved Aunt




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