WHY? Why Go To An Alan Event?

Lisa, Cristina’s Mom
“I wish I could attend this event with Alan. My first time attending one of his events I knew I needed to see him again. Alan helped me figure out how to survive after the death of Cristina. I will never heal; none of us really do. What we can do is survive this. Learn to live again and still hold them with all we do. I hope you all can attend as he will make you laugh unexpectedly, as well as cry without feeling you have to stop because you are upsetting someone, or making others feel uncomfortable. My healing started with Alan and his workshop Guilt and Regret. Bring that friend who thinks you should be over it already. That’s one thing I wish I had done. Letting others hear what we are going through would help. I hope anyone who has this opportunity to attend, DOES. Thinking about all of you on this journey. Make sure you stop and see his van covered with butterflies with children’s names. Very moving. My beautiful daughter, until my last breath, Cristina ”

Trista, Mom to babies unborn, Daughter of Linda, Sister of Katrice, Sister/Friend of RobynAril
“Although it was a long time ago when I first saw Alan, I think what has always stuck with me was his music, his words his emotions. His gentle calming voice, his authenticity. Although our stories are completely different, I was still about to relate to the feelings he was talking about when he explained the layers of grief. What I love/ loved the most is how he would travel with everyone he had a name for everywhere he went. Everyone matters everyone has a name.”

Maria, John’s mom
“When I attended the Alan Pedersen event at our chapter, he touched my heart. When I saw all his work across the country with his Angel Van, it really touched me. And then I added my John’s name with a butterfly, on the van. What a good feeling that gave me! I felt John’s presence! I can’t explain how grateful I was to be there with Alan; all the help I got from him that day. I am hoping to attend May 11. “

Teresa McCall, Funeral Director, Vincenzo’s daughter, Alex’s cousin, Michael’s Friend
“Alan’s voice, words, music and experience gives way to a profound relationship between him and his audience. While the history behind his lyrics pulls at our heartstrings, it provides a bonding experience among others who are suffering of their own loss. It is truly a special event where grief, enjoyment and even laughter meet, if only for a brief time. “

John, Jessica’s Dad
“When I first heard Alan, it had been 8 days since my daughter, Jessica, died. I clutched unto the box of tissue throughout the meeting. He sang a song that was meant for my daughter Jessica and I. When we met and I told him how fresh was the pain, he held me in compassion as I cried the loss of my child. That was last May.  I was first in line to register to go to Alan’s workshop this May.  That should tell you something.”

Arlene, Dan’s mom
“As a first time experience (as well as repeaters) with Alan Pedersen, I’m sure Bereaved parents can relate well to Alan’s expression of grief through his moving music. He sincerely connects to people and gives us strength and hope to carry on and honor our children through our grief. It is impressive how Alan travels throughout the country speaking about his grief and our grief, hoping to make our grief journeys a little lighter, bringing love and loss the significance it deserves. “

Cheryl, Linda’s sister
“I was at an Alan Pedersen event at our local TCF EOTR meeting. Didn’t know what to expect besides music.  Well, Alan’s message was so uplifting!  Don’t know if I was the only one, but I cried a lot of cleansing tears and left feeling light AND refreshed with a bag full of tools to help me along the way.  I recommend seeing Alan every chance you get!  And don’t forget to see the butterfly van full of loved ones memory wings.”

Michael, Aileen’s Dad
“What I remember about the meeting Alan was how he managed to mostly have good memories as opposed to the grief we all feel. Some days when I think of Aileen, it’s those happy thoughts and I smile. Smiles happen more often as time goes by. Still, miss her too much. I’ll be traveling on May 11th so I’m afraid I won’t make it. Sorry to miss it.”

Helene and Jim Clyburn, Chelsea’s Mom and Dad
“Alan is so genuine.  There is something about him that made us feel so comfortable and like we knew him for a long time.  He is caring, trusting and real.  Who better to help us than someone that has been there and on this journey.  We laughed and cried, but we came away with a feeling of inner peace and ways to help us work through our grief. We can’t say enough, or even have the words, to say how wonderful Alan is.  When Alan’s van pulled away with our daughter’s name on a butterfly—I knew I could share her life and her spirit with others. Looking forward to this event—it always refreshes my soul and gives me a day filled with heartfelt tenderness.  So sorry to be so long—-he is just wonderful!!”

Rita, Robert’s Mom
“I attended a workshop with Alan Pedersen last May 2018. It was a very moving experience. He helps in a way that “we” all can understand. The stories he shared has helped me put my feelings…. all feelings in a place for me to be able to handle. We did a candle lighting vigil that touched me so deeply I will never forget.  Thank you Alan
Forever Robert Jon’s Mom ❤💔❤

Lisa, Luke’s mom, Rick’s Sister
“I saw Alan last year and I was comforted by his approach to grief.  It’s a cliché, but I laughed, I cried, I bought the butterfly. (I loved that my son’s name was going to travel the country to places he would never go.) Alan’s presentation is great for anyone who has or will experience grief.  And that is everyone. “