Butterfly Release

July 9, 2011 The Compassionate Friends East of the River Chapter hosted a group release of about 100 butterflies on the day of our first (what we hope will be annual) Walk To Remember.

Butterflies were available for individual release, when pre-paid.

In July of 2011 The Available butterflies to pre-order were:

Butterfly Prices

Monarch ~ $9.00

Mourning Cloak ~ $8.00

Question Mark ~ $8.00


  • Butterflies are a symbol of The Compassionate Friends, and are seen as a connection to Renewed Life ~ Hope. The Compassionate Friends embrace the butterfly as a sign of hope that our children and siblings are living in another dimension with greater beauty and freedom. For many it is a belief that we will join with them in renewed life after own our passing from the earth.
  • The butterfly doesn’t begin by being a butterfly. It emerges after a first life, a “changing death” and a metamorphosis into something free and beautiful. Symbolically, the caterpillar has been thought to be LIFE ON EARTH; the cocoon, DEATH; and the butterfly, EMERGENCE INTO A NEW, BEAUTIFUL FREER EXISTENCE.
  • Native American legends say that if you have a secret wish, hold a butterfly and whisper your wish to it. Since butterflies cannot speak, your secret is ever safe in their keeping. Release the butterfly, and it will carry your wish. When we release our butterflies during a remembrance ceremony, we send our whispers to our children and siblings, carried on the wings of the butterflies.
  • In addition to these personal and symbolic butterfly meanings, it’s also important to note that releasing butterflies is far more environmentally sound that releasing balloons. In fact, in Connecticut it is illegal* to release more than 10 balloons at a time. Many of us feel strongly that we dishonor our deceased family members by breaking the law in their memory.

* Connecticut General Statutes §26-25c states:
No person, nonprofit organization, firm or corporation, including the state and its political subdivisions, shall knowingly release, organize the release of or intentionally cause to be released into the atmosphere within a twenty-four-hour period ten or more helium or other lighter-than-air gas balloons in the state.  Any violation of subsection (a) of this section shall be an infraction. 

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Release

  1. We have a bench at Magic Wings in Kellie’s memory. That is a special place we go to remember Kellie, as she loved butterflies!!

    • How wonderful, Denise! And what a great connection that our individual butterflies for release are coming from there!
      Up until last June, I had been there only once. A few weeks after my dad passed from the earth plane, Robbie arranged for Jim to take mom and I to breakfast. Then Robbie came and got mom and me, surprising us with a trip to Magic Wings! I have a photo of the 3 of us sitting on the bench in the lobby. It was a delightful day, for the three generations. After the Butterflies, we went to Yankee Candle and Robbie bought me a bunch of her favorite scents….and then we had lunch together. It was, indeed a magical day.

      The next time I went to Magic Wings was last year to get butterflies for our family to release during the balloon release that our (then) TCF chapter was holding. Releasing more than 10 balloons at a time is NOT LEGAL in Connecticut and is also very, very detrimental to the health and well being of ground and sea animals. Our family wasn’t comfortable breaking the law and causing potential harm to the chipmunk, squirrel, bunnies, ducks, geese, dolphins and other wildlife that Robyn loved so very, very much….and be claiming to do it in her loving memory. So Jim and I drove up to Magic Wings on the day of the TCF picnic and bought butterflies for our family, and several friends’ families. After the balloon release, we released our butterflies, who chose to hang out with us for about 20 minutes, sitting on our shoulders, alighting on our backs. It was very special. And like with your Kellie, a wonderful connection to our RobynApril.

      Looking forward to seeing you at our Walk To Remember ~ Walk ~ Picnic ~ Remembrance ~ Community Day!
      BIG HUGS! in the meantime!

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