2013 Boston National Conference Butterfly Boutique Needs Your Support

TCF’s Butterfly Boutique combines beauty with philanthropy at TCF’s National Conferences where hundreds of meaningful and popular items are available for sale to help support bereaved families across the country. The Butterfly Boutique annually carries items that are of interest to parents, grandparents, and siblings seeking something special to bring home or to give as a gift.

     “We are looking for donations from chapters and individuals of any butterfly, angel, or healing ‘themed’ products,” says 2013 Butterfly Boutique Chair Tanya Lord. “Homemade, practical items such as kitchen items, afghans, frames, and jewelry are among the most popular.”     You can send your donation items directly to Tanya at the address below or bring them to the conference. Please include in whose memory the donation is being made (this can be attached to the item) and an estimated sale price for the item. Please contact Tanya if you have any questions.
Please send your items to:
Tanya Lord, 3 Sanborn Drive, Nashua, NH 03063
Phone 603-930-2632
or write


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