Coming to PROActive Grieving ~ A Day With Mitch and Alan Workshops?

Join us for an informal, completely open sharing session and discussion of Spirit Signs

Ever wonder about SPIRIT SIGNS, After Death Communication, Visits?

Have you had an experience that you’d like to share?
Want to hear from others what they have experienced?

Then please join us for an informal discussion the Evening Before the Workshops.  Make sure to check off the box on the registration form that you are interested.

The plan is to meet in the Baymont Hotel in the evening after dinner.

To confirm your spot or for more information email  SUBJECT: FRIDAY NIGHT SHARING SESSION


    • So glad that you are going to join us, Merry Ellen!
      Not sure about dinner time yet – I have been so busy working on putting all of the info into the website, that my brain hasn’t expanded to think about that part yet. As time gets closer, we will come up with a plan, I have do doubt. KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME!!!!

      It would be GREAT if you want to bring some food to share, especially since baking is such a good outlet for you!
      I have an idea- how would you feel about making some things that you think that John and Joy would enjoy?
      You could write out the recipes and we could make copies and share with everyone in their names?
      Would you like that?
      (or just make whatever you would like to share- either way is good with me)

      See you on the 16th!

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