Create Your Own Memorial Page

Help Our Chapter and Create a Memorial Website in the “Friends Asking Friends” Program

You can help our The Compassionate Friends East of the River CT Chapter create a website to honor the memory of a child in your family by participating in the Walk to Remember through the Friends Asking Friend fundraising program.

Many chapters raise enough money through this program to fund their chapter’s financial needs for the entire year.

Everything happens on TCF National’s Friends Asking Friends site at Our Virtual Walk Fund-Raising Team is called HOLDING HANDS HUGGING HEARTS and you can find us by clicking on “more” under Team Rank.

If we become one of the five top fundraising teams, you’ll find us listed on the Home page with the other leaders. Once you find our team, you can join it by clicking on “Event Enrollment” and then “join a team.” Scroll down to our team and then click on it and fill out the personal information requested. List your personal fundraising goal on behalf of the chapter (minimum goal is $500, but whatever you actually raise is great). You’ll then see a confirmation page. Hit “Continue” and you can now create a website in memory of your child.

The website is very simple to make and you can upload a picture of your child (sibling or grandchild), use the default picture (the Walk to Remember logo) or a generic picture from the library. You can actually upload up to two pictures. You can then preview your website and when done, click on “submit.”  That’s all there is to joining the team and creating your page. After that, you can use “tools” to help you send e-mails to friends, relatives, and business acquaintances asking them to make a donation to honor the life of your child, sibling, or grandchild.

Or you can contact your friends on Facebook.

Please join with us in this great event! For more information, write TCFEastOfTheRiverCt@gmailcom or by calling Bettie-Jeanne at 860-870-7581.

2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Memorial Page

  1. I think this is a good thing for parents who have lost children no matter what age they may be.I just lost my son Nathan in August 14,2010,to suicide and my brother James Roy ,on June 4,2011,age 55 to cancer.I don’t know how to download pictures of people because I don’t know much about the computer.My son was only 16 .This is very good for grieving parents such as my mom and my self.The Compassionate Friends in Brookhaven ,Ms.could not help me because they didn’t have anyone there to assist with suicide nor could I drive to get there.

    • Hugs to you, April.
      All death of our children is painful, no matter why, but I do understand that completing suicide adds another horribly painful layer.

      There are specific groups across the U.S. that work with loved ones who have completed suicide. You might want to check out One of our steering committee members also facilitates a group called THE ANCHOR, here in CT. Get in touch with Nancy and she may be able to help you find a support group. You can reach her by email at

      Also, April, don’t give up on your local TCF group. It is always recommended that you attend at least 3 meetings before you decide if it is right for you. Plus membership changes and you may find someone that you bond with by attending every month.

      On Friday evenings, between 8 – 9 pm EST, you can join a The Compassionate Friends on-line chat support for Survivors of Suicide. That link is
      You need to pre-register so you might want to check it out ahead of time.

      Facebook is also an amazing resource and met so many bereaved parents who are my caring, supportive, compassionate community of friends now. Most are people I will never meet, but have become my greatest support.

      We are only an email away. Write anytime that you need to talk. I am a good listener and I care.

      Forever RobynApril’s mommie

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