In Remembrance

All of us understand how important it is that we keep the memories of our children, grandchildren, siblings alive.  We want them not only to be remembered, but we need to talk about them and share them with others.

You are welcomed to share your loved one with us by hosting a MEMORY TABLE during a Birthday or Anniversary Month or anytime that is meaningful and important to you.

To host a table please send an email to
or contact one of the Chapter Leaders


To add your child, grandchild or sibling to our meeting room digital frame, on-line Remembrance Gallery or to have their photo placed on your meeting room name badge,  please use any of the following options,  specifying if you would prefer your photos to be placed in all or only one location.  Please include the name of your  family member  as well as your relationship as as you would like it to appear.  You may share more than one photo.   Thank you.

1.  Send  digital photos to with your loved one’s name

2.  Bring photos to a meeting and we will scan and return them to you at a future meeting

3. Snail Mail your photos to
Compassionate Friends East of the River
c/o 4 Darby DreamView
Ellington, CT 06029-2733

* note: we will not use full birth and death dates due to the rise of identity theft. By submitting a photo, the family takes full responsibility and disavows both National The Compassionate Friends and The East of the River CT Chapter of any culpability.