A message from Chapter Leader, Bettie-Jeanne

Greetings our TCF EOTR Family Members,
We have been forced to cancel,
for the first time in 9 years,
our In-person Chapter Meetings.

We do intend to host Conference Calls and will post on our Closed FB Page, as to when calls will occur.
You can join from any  all-distance telephone at no charge.

Our meeting room rent has more than doubled to over $200.00, PLUS service charges.  Our contact at the hotel try to negotiate with the new management to no avail.
Please feel free to write a note to let them know that you find this reprehensible.
Feeling a bit let down and snarky, I did write to Karen Spada, who is our contact,

“May the new owners never know what it is like to have their child die… Or maybe it just wouldn’t affect them.
After all money is the most important thing in the world.
Thanks for trying to help.
We won’t be there for [our meetings any longer].
… 9 years, we felt we had a home there….”

Now we have lost our Loved ones and our TCF Meeting Room Home.
That, along with other challenges, have made it necessary to cancel our  Meetings.

Without a strong Steering Committee and those to help keep our Chapter openly available to  current and future families in need,
we are going to use this time as a hiatus and plan to regroup within the next 6 months.
Our regular chapter meetings are currently on hold, at least,until after the beginning of 2020.

Meanwhile, I am
still available for phone support,
still participating with our FB groups,
private messenger,
our East Of The River CT public page
and emails
and referring families in need  to other local in-person meetings,
as well as our Global closed FB Groups (three of which I am a moderator).

You are not abandoned.
We still are holding you.

The Closest Other Geographical Meetings as Resources:

The Rockville Chapter will be meeting the 2nd Tuesday, July 9, this month….
And then in August, back to the first Tuesday of the month.

TCF of Rockville, CT
3 Elm Street
Vernon Connecticut 06066-3207
Chapter Leader is Kathi Brousseau

Farmington meets the last Wednesday of every month.
Central Connecticut Chapter
209 Farmington Avenue – RED CROSS BUILDING- 1st floor
Farmington Connecticut 06032-1955
Karen and John Freda are the leaders / facilitators

For our chapter to continue,
Jim and I do need to have some support and others involved in the helping and running of the Chapter.
We need others who are will to host facilitate a meeting when we cannot be present.
AND, most importantly, we do need to find a new location that meets our specific chapter needs.  (and help with finding and securing that location).
Please get in touch with how you might wish to give back and support the chapter and those more newly bereaved.

If you are interested in learning more about TCF Meeting facilitation:
Here are older videos that TCF has on Youtube:
(Pat hasn’t been ED for many years and those dates given are looooooong past.  Wendy, however does continue to hold monthly Facilitators’ meetings for TCF that all of those interesting in facilitating may attend)

Managing Challenging Behaviors in a Chapter:


and our

I remain at the other end of phone call,

and I DO CARE.

The warmest of hugs,

~ Bettie-Jeanne,

Forever RobynApril’s mom

 Janet, René and Joe’s  Little Sister
   TCF East Of The River Chapter Leader

860-375-EØTR (3087)

You may write the new management company C/O Karen Spada:
This is not HER fault – please don’t take it out on her.
It is ok to let her know that you don’t like it.
Hampton Inn and Suites
1432 Pleasant Valley Rd
Manchester, CT 06042