Hosting A Memory Table

Each month TCF East Of The River CT Chapter makes available one or two special
Memory Tables
available for you to introduce your child or sibling to us.

It doesn’t have to be a birthday or anniversary month for you to  host a table.
Anytime that you are thinking about your loved one and want to have the opportunity to share them with us, is a Good Time to host a Memory Table.
We want to get to know your loved one through your eyes.

So, families are invited to host a Memory Table, on which you might place
a few little items that connect you to your ‘child’*,
allowing others to “get to know your child”.
You are also welcomed to, if you wish (but do not have to),
share a favorite story,
good memory
or describe the meaning behind the items that you have brought.

The hosting family (families) is also invited to bring refreshments to share in honor of their child, but again, is not required to.   Sometimes people like to being a favorite snack or food of their child or sibling.

We understand that one of the greatest fears that many of us experience is that our child ~ our sibling ~  will be forgotten.  This is our way to share them with a part of the world that cherishes our relationships and honors them through sharing them with others.

To host a table please send an email to
or contact one of the Chapter Leaders

*  the word ‘Child’ is meant to be thought of in an inclusive manner, to describe the relationship with our loved one, and encompasses “children” of any age from pre-birth to full maturity as well as,  grandchildren and  siblings.

Memory Table For RobynApril