ProActive Grieving~a Gift to Give Yourself ~ A DAY WITH MITCH AND ALAN

At first the word PROActive scared me.
Would being Proactive in Grief mean pushing aside the deep emotion
after the death of my beloved daughter;
to pretend to myself and the world that it never happened?

Would Being Proactive in Grief mean not allowing the sadness
that is I know is completely appropriate
when my first born is encased in a pendant around my neck;
an  urn upon a table,
instead of sitting next to me, holding my hand?

Robbie collage baby
I was not ready to give up the pain of Robyn’s loss…
and when I first heard the words
I was afraid that such a workshop was going to “push” me to disconnect from her…
to no longer feel what is natural to experience after the death of my RobynApril.

But then I attended my first
PROActive Grieving
A Day With Mitch and Alan

It wasn’t about Forgetting
or learning techniques and tools to Push Away Grief.
It was about Learning Tools To Take Love and Memories
and rebuild A Life using them as a Foundation,
As Glue;
As What Could Help to Hold Me Together,
Instead Of Tear Me Apart.

Bereaved Dads and Grief Specialists,
Mitch Carmody and Alan Pedersen
have reached inside their own souls,
after having been turning inside out after the deaths of their own beloved children,
and not only found a way TO SURVIVE, but a way to
Turn the Loss Into Legacy….
To build on the love of their children
and become
Intentional Survivors of Living
instead of Collateral victims of their deaths.

I know that this is what Robbie wants for me…
and I know that she is behind me reaching this in my own Ready Time.
Being part of my first
Day With Mitch and Alan
allowed me to store what I needed
and prepare, taking the baby steps that I was ready for,
to begin a return to living,
not only in Robbie’s honor,
but in my own.

If you have ever felt overwhelming grief and wondered
Then Give yourself A Gentle Gift.

Join our TCF East Of The River CT Chapter
February 16, 2013
as we host


Find Love
Within Yourself
Within Your Loved One
Within Life, Again.  ♥

What Is PROActive Grieving ~ A Day With Mitch And Alan

Kelly's DadRobynApril's Mom Ashley's Dad Not Just For As Long As They  Lived, But For As Long As We Do

Kelly’s Dad
RobynApril’s Mom
Ashley’s Dad
Not Just For As Long As They Lived,
But For As Long As We Do

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