Singer Offers Hope to the Heartbroken


~ Bereaved Dad  ~  Songwriter ~  Singer ~

~ Compassionate Friends Award Recipient ~

Alan Pedersen had known his way around Nashville as an award winning songwriter, successful recording artist, stand-up comedian, and network radio news reporter.   But on August 15, 2001 life as he knew it changed forever when Alan’s 18 year old daughter, Ashley Marie Pedersen, was killed in an automobile accident in rural Colorado.

Alan began to find healing as he attended meetings, and then became actively involved with the Littleton, Colorado Chapter of The Compassionate Friends, finding that he did not have to walk his grief journey alone.

In 2003, Alan started giving back as he began traveling and sharing his music and story with other The Compassionate Friends Chapters.   What started out as a “daddy taking a road trip to honor and remember his daughter” has now blossomed into a full time ministry as Alan has turned his journey through grief and pain into a collection of powerful and moving songs.   To date, Alan has played concerts and spoken at over 500 events during this “road trip” including nearly over 300  TCF Chapters.

Alan, who is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, has founded GRIEF AND BEYOND: a multimedia non-religious ministry offering support to organizations, families, and individuals going through the grief process.   Currently they are on the road as part of the ANGELS ACROSS THE USA TOUR which is sponsored in part by bereaved families in honor of their children, grandchildren and siblings.


With deep emotion, Alan sings from his heart, as he strums his guitar and offers hope to bereaved families

Alan Shares His songs of Hope and Compassion

The Angels Across the USA Tour is both amazing and moving.  Alan has traveled ALL 48 contiguous states; the faces of “The Angels” gone too soon from our lives, made into butterfly decals, adoring the Angel Trailer that passes through every town.  These bright, mostly way too young, faces reminding parents to hug and cherish the children they have, while not forgetting those we have lost.  Alan does not charge for any event, as this is his “ministry” and way of honoring the child that he has lost. His travels have included over 150+ cities, featuring at least one concert event in each state.   The goal of his ANGELS TOURS is to provide comfort, caring and understanding to the bereaved, while raising community awareness and draw media attention toward local grief organizations that provide resources for the  bereaved.


As a a highly demanded keynote speaker and presenter, Alan has been featured at many regional, national, and international conferences including The World Gathering on Bereavement,  The National Gathering of Bereaved Parents of the USA  and The Compassionate Friends National Conference.  In July, in front of 1,500 bereaved Parents, Siblings and Grandparents, sharing the stage with former Senator Gordon Smith, who  lost a child to suicide, and Catherine Read, whose daughter, Mary who was killed in French class at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007,  Alan was bestowed with the 2010 Compassionate Friends Professional Award recognizing “a professional who has contributed greatly in the area of supporting, assisting and educating others in accordance with the mission and goals of The Compassionate Friends.”

Alan has written many articles on grief that have been featured in national magazines, newsletters and other publications.  He has been a recurring guest on Healing the Grieving Heart on the Health and Wellness Radio Network.  He is part National Executive Director for The Compassionate Friends.  Stories about Alan’s music, message and travels have been featured on television and radio stations around the country, and have been the subject of countless newspaper articles.  Alan’s music is popular with bereaved people around the world and has been used at thousands of candle lighting services, balloon and butterfly releases, as well as by hundreds of professionals and organizations as a healing tool for the bereaved.  So comforting, compassionate and yet filled with hope and understanding, his music has been featured at Ground Zero in New York City, the memorial at Virginia Tech University, the memorial at Columbine High School and is continues to be treasured at many memorial and tribute websites.♥

Alan Pedersen is A Bereaved Father who Understands;
a man who offers HOPE

music sampling of Alan Pedersen, shared with full permission:

Something You Go Through by Alan Pedersen

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