Supporting Other Parents During Their Immediate Loss

Dear Bettie-Jeanne,

[Perhaps] this is something that you would like to pass on to the parents in your group…
I would like to ask you to consider it.

You all know the pain of losing one of your kids. Its terrible.

Well, on Saturday, I attended the funeral of LT Col Budrejko, a US Marine native of CT who died serving his country while training servicemen in helicopter maneuvers, in US airspace.

If you ever want to do a service for a father and mother who have lost their son or daughter, if you have the opportunity, go to their funeral service, whoever it is!

We all thought that there would have a packed Church, but it wasn’t packed. At St Mary’s in Newington, a large Church, it was about 1/3 full. To me, all parents who lose a son or daughter have a very hard cross to bear. And when someone dies while in service to others, well, I just think we need to think about what they gave up for us,  and to honor that sacrifice with our presence. I would have wished that anyone who understands would come to pray with that family and to show their appreciation in some way.

It would be a very good thing to let every citizen know that these men and women are someone’s son or daughter who died for love of us.

God bless you.
Marge Banach
Newington Memorial Funeral Home
20 Bonair Avenue
Newington, CT 06111

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