Carrying Your Loved One’s Name

Just because you may not be able to attend The 2012 National Conference, or be able to participate in The East Of the River CT Chapter’s 2nd Annual Statewide Walk to Remember  or the National Walk to Remember does not mean that your child cannot be remembered during this event.  Last year the names of more than 15,000 “children”, being remembered by our friends across the country, were carried by volunteers during the National Walk.  This is a special act of love freely given by those participating in the Walk.

In 2010 East Of The River CT Chapter Leaders Bettie-Jeanne and Jim, attended the National Walk (Arlington, VA) for their first time and carried with them not only their beloved daughter, RobynApril’s name and photograph, but also all of the members of  the Northeast CT Chapter.  During the 2011 National Walk To Remember held in Minnesota, Bettie-Jeanne and Jim once carried the names and photos of all of the East Of The River CT  “kids”.   Our Chapter “kids” were also present on the Remembrance Boards.

We will be honored to add your”KID’s” name to our Memory Board
and to carry their name during our 2nd Annual STATEWIDE WALK TO REMEMBER.

There is absolutely no charge to submit your loved one’s name to be carried.

Send your name(s) now!   (Form Below)





as you prefer to be called
please list the best phone numbers to reach you and and any time preference to reach you
please check all that apply and write the relationship next to the names to be carried if requesting multiple names, please
for example: RobynApril-daughter, René George Rivard- Brother
For information about Submitting Names to the NATIONAL WALK TO REMEMBER visit: Names must be submitted by July 8 to be included in The National Walk.


Whether during our Statewide Walk To Remember, hosted by the East Of The River CT Chapter,  or for the National Walk to Remember in Costa Mesa, California there is never a fee to have your child’s or sibling’s name carried.
(Donations are tremendously appreciated and help us in our outreach to bereaved families across the country).


The Friends Asking Friends® virtual walk fundraiser allows individuals, teams, and chapters to register on-line and, using e-mail and other methods, raise monies that support the programs of  The Compassionate Friends both on a national and chapter level.   Our Local Chapter is HOLDING HANDS HUGGING HEARTS  and you can easily make a donation to any team member in honor of their loved one, or a general donation to the team.  On the National Level, as much as $80,000  has been raised through the “Friends Asking Friends” program, which continues to grow every year as more and more participate. ♥