Walk to Remember FAQs

Will the walk be postponed if it rains?
As of June 15th, our plan is to be walking rain or shine.
(registrants will be sent notification if predicted weather alerts or severe weather force a chance in plans)
Unless there are torrential downpours, we plan to keep on walking.
In case of rain the Butterfly Release will have to be postponed, as butterflies should not be released in bad, cold, damp, dark weather!

What should I wear?
Dress comfortably for a day in the park. You can order a Walk to Remember shirt to wear and even personalize it with your loved one’s photo on the back.

What should I bring?
There are several things you can bring to make the walk a positive experience.  Think of a community picnic in the park. There are some picnic tables, but bring what will make YOU comfortable, such as lawn chairs, camera, butterflies or memory book of your loved one.  Bring a photo(s) for the MEMORY BOARDS ~ you can bring a written story to post.  We want to hear all about your loved one!!

Can I bring photos of my loved ones?
Absolutely! We will have photo memory boards available for you to post photos of your loved ones who you are walking in memory of.  Add their names, dates, or a little message or story, if you wish.  All photos go back home with you at the end of the event, but put your name on the back just in case you forget to take it and we’ll make sure that it finds its way back home to you!

What else can I do to remember my loved ones at the walk?
Have a favorite poem or verse that has provided comfort? Please send it now for an addition to our remembrance ceremony and don’t forget to bring it the day of THE 2nd ANNUAL STATEWIDE WALK TO REMEMBER  to share.

Will there be food and/or refreshments available?
We are supplying the burgers, hot dogs, and condiments.  If you prefer other grilling items, you may bring them! To foster a greater sense of community, if you are able to, we ask that you bring a favorite “pot luck” contribution to share – dessert, salad, entrée – whatever you enjoy and would like to share!  There is no alcohol allowed in the park, but you can bring a cooler with your favorite non-alcoholic beverages.

What’s the difference between the potluck picnic and the cookout?
We’ll be grilling burgers and hot dogs for the cookout, and will have rolls, condiments, plates and utensils.  There is NO CHARGE.

As bereaved family members we understand how important a sense of belonging and community is, more now than ever. The Pot Luck portion of our picnic brings everyone together in a shared gesture of community. If you are able to and would like to contribute, Please bring a dish or two to share with others.  It can be dessert, salad, entrée or whatever you enjoy.  Please make a little sign describing the contents- in case of those with allergies.

What is the difference between the Virtual Walk and the Physical Walk?
They are actually two separate, yet very connected events.
And we have two distinct goals that are equally important.

The Virtual Walk is the Fund Raising Portion, where we are asking members to join The Virtual Team of our Chapter, Holding Hands Hugging Hearts and to send emails inviting your family and friends to make tax-free donations to our chapter. Our goal is to raise $5,000.00 this year. The Virtual Walk is all about Fund-Raising, done securely on line. It requires no sweating, no leaving of your home, and is quick, simple, easy and really effective in helping us to generate the funds that will allow us to continue to do Good Work within our TCF East Of The River CT Chapter.

The Physical Walk involves motion, maybe a little sweat and physical participation.*
We will be accepting donations to our chapter on the day of the Walk, JULY 15, 2012.  But we have a MUCH LARGER GOAL.
Our goal on July 15 is to first generate as much publicity and visibility, raising as much awareness as we possibility can to let others know that The Compassionate Friends exist and what it is that we do.

Our goal is that when a family is in the hardest and darkest times of their lives that someone can connect them to us and we can be there, to hug, to hold, to care, to understand, and to offer the beginning of hope and healing; even when it seems that neither will ever be possible again after the death.

We are hoping to have several hundred people in attendance for the actual Physical Walk, and welcome not only bereaved families and their friends, but anyone who cares and can empathize with the pain of those who have lost a child, a grandchild or a sibling ~ from any age, for any reason.

We want to call attention to who we are. To let people know that we exist so that they can find us when they need us. We will also be joining together that day to remember Our Children Gone Too soon. There will be a cookout, potluck picnic, light entertainment, a Remembrance Ceremony and a Butterfly Release as we all honor those who we love, but are no longer here in physical being.


*you don’t have to join us on the actual walk to come and be part of the day.  
You can sit and share with other families.  You can bring a photo for The Memory Board and tell your loved one’s story.  You can join in for the cook out, remembrance ceremy and butterfly release.  the actual total physical walk is about 2 miles, but you are welcome to walk only a few steps or the entire length.