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“Letters to My Son” is a heart-warming story that is capable of inspiring and uplifting us all.”   Bernie S. Siegel, MD author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles

All too familiar to grief, beginning at a young age, Mitch has suffered through many familial losses; ultimately facing the death from cancer of his nine year old son, Kelly, in 1987.  In 2002, struggling with the grief journey and how grief is processed and perceived in this country, Mitch published his first book  “Letters To My Son, A Journey Through Grief ”, which has reached the bereaved in every state and 8 countries. The book’s success spurred Mitch to travel, nationally lecturing on the grief process.  He is in demand for his workshops on surviving the loss of a loved one, speaking from the heart and his own true experience.

Mitch has also conducted a variety of workshops with The Compassionate Friends and Bereaved Parents USA  and is a sought after keynote speaker. As a trained hospice volunteer, Mitch has also helped many loved ones and their families through the dying process. He continues to share his experiences through the written word and has published several articles in national bereavement periodicals; is a frequent contributor to TCF Atlanta On-line and currently a staff writer for Living with Loss Magazine.  Through email correspondence on his website he counsels  the bereaved on a daily basis.

Since the death of his son, Mitch has dedicated his life to helping those individuals and families trying to navigate in the uncharted territory of death, dying and the bereavement process.   Through his compassionate insight and gentle spirit he not only touch give tools to aid on the grief journey, but touches the heart.

Mitch lives in rural Minnesota, on a hobby farm, with his wife, Barbara.  He enjoys riding horses, gardening, writing, helping others, donating blood monthly and creating works of art.♥

“In grief we stand on the edge of darkness, at times afraid to take that next step…”having faith is knowing that we shall find something firm to stand on to, or we will be taught how to fly”…We live in one sphere of existence, our loved ones who have died in another but with faith, the desire and undying love we can connect at the seam where our worlds meet. Dreams may die, but their spirit does not, nor does their memory.
We substantiate our loved one’s life, by how we live ours.“ 








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  1. 18 years ago on the 27th of sept. my 25 yr old daughter and 19 yr old grand-daughter were killed in a car crash that never should have happened. My surviving grandchild was critically injured with a tbi and was paralyzed on her right side. she spent 5 weeks at roch. and 2-1/2 yrs in rehab. because the driver was not drunk, he got by with reckless driving and got 20 nites in jail and $50 fine – the legal system still doesn’t think when you kill a person when sober that it is a felony – baloney — anyhoo, we did go to some grief seminars (of course the men would not go) and found a lot of help – we do not have a compassionate friends in our area – thanks for your positive thoughts – 18 years and I wonder what my beautiful daughter would look like – thanks for all your work – love, nancy

  2. This site is dedicated to my son Kelly James Carmody who died in 1987 of a brain tumor.  Since that day I have dedicated my life to serving the bereaved.  I have done this in legacy of my son and for all those that mourn.

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